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Certain individuals may get SSD benefits fast-tracked

Suffering a disability in Pennsylvania can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Fortunately, Social Security Disability, or SSD, exists to help to remove some of the financial burden that comes with not being able to work a job due to the disability. There are several conditions that actually make a person eligible for the expedited disability process through Social Security, which means he or she can get his or her financial benefits even sooner.

The Social Security Administration has a Compassionate Allowances initiative, the purpose of which is to fast-track disability-related decisions for American workers with the most severe disabilities so that they can obtain their decisions within a few days rather than a few months or years. A total of 35 brand new conditions were recently added to Social Security's list of Compassionate Allowances conditions. This brings the total number of these disabling conditions to 200.

The newly added conditions involve rare diseases and cancers. Besides increasing the number of conditions that make people eligible for Social Security, the agency recent accomplished yet another milestone. About 200,000 individuals with serious disabilities throughout the United States have had their claims for benefits swiftly approved through the agency's expedited process since October of 2008.

People with brain disorders or cancers have the right to pursue SSD benefits. However, the multi-step process can be complicated, and one mistake may cause a person to be denied the benefits he or she so desperately needs. Appropriate legal guidance may help individuals to successfully claim the benefits to which they are entitled in Pennsylvania.

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