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Nursing home neglect suit filed after patient dies

When a nursing home in Pennsylvania fails to exercise care and causes a resident's death, the facility may be held financially responsible. In one out-of-state case, a nursing home has been blamed for causing a woman's death by not following the orders of a doctor. The administrator of the woman's estate has filed a nursing home neglect suit against the facility.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was placed in the nursing home in 2013. Her doctor instructed the home to turn the woman every two hours. The nursing home was also reportedly instructed to use a certain cream on her.

However, the facility allegedly never did document that the woman was turned or that the cream was utilized. The nursing home noted two sores that were open, but there was no documentation indicating that the sores were treated. The woman was later transported to a hospital suffering from dehydration and hypotension, in addition to being diagnosed with potential deep vein thrombosis and two pressure sores. She died nine days later.

The administrator for the deceased victim's estate asserts that the facility's actions violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. She claims the defendant had a responsibility to make sure that the woman was cared for properly, and she is seeking all applicable relief that the law authorizes. Those in Pennsylvania who lose loved ones due to nursing home neglect have the right to pursue claims for monetary relief in an attempt to hold the nursing home fully accountable through the civil court system.

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