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Woman says nursing home neglect caused grandmother's death

Poor-quality treatment in a nursing home can sadly lead to an elderly individual's death in Pennsylvania. One woman in another state said she lost her grandmother due to a nursing home's poor care. She has thus filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility, alleging nursing home neglect.

In her complaint, the granddaughter said that the staff at the nursing home ignored the resident's dietary needs. This caused her grandmother to become dehydrated, become malnourished and lose weight. It also resulted in her developing bed sores that were never treated.

According to the complaint, the grandmother further developed infections while at the nursing home. She also suffered injuries, such as an arm bone fracture for which no one could explain the cause. The granddaughter also claimed that the nursing home inadequately treated her grandmother, who had a history of dementia, general muscle weakness, hypothyroidism and diabetes. The nursing home's operator was also sued by the state's attorney general in December 2014; the attorney general's office claimed that the company's homes throughout the state could not prove quality care due to being understaffed.

The granddaughter of the resident is seeking unspecified compensatory damages in her lawsuit. She is also seeking punitive damages, which may be awarded in cases involving egregious fault. Anybody whose loved one has died in Pennsylvania due to nursing home neglect may explore his or her legal options in an effort to seek justice. Although monetary compensation cannot bring back a deceased loved one, it may help the family move forward from the tragic ordeal.

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