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2 patients claim hospital negligence harmed them

Patients in the Pennsylvania hospitals have the reasonable expectation that they will receive a certain acceptable standard of care. When this standard is not met, patients can suffer additional harm that may have lifelong implications. Two patients who were treated by an out-of-state hospital have recently made accusations regarding hospital negligence against the same facility.

One of the patients was a man who was at a hospital clinic to undergo a urological scope. Although he informed nurses that he was feeling lightheaded and nauseous, he claims they left him unattended in a restroom where he then lost consciousness. As a result, he fell and hit his head. Tests at the emergency room reportedly revealed that he suffered from a brain injury as a result of the fall. He additionally claims that the fall caused a herniated disc that required surgery.

The second lawsuit involves a man who underwent abdominal surgery. During the surgery, medical professionals apparently discovered that counts of surgical sponge used to control bleeding did not match; however, medical care workers did not locate the sponges in the man's abdomen. After the surgery, the man's condition worsened, resulting in respiratory distress and a transfer to the intensive care unit. At this time, two sponges were located inside the man's abdomen near his diaphragm. Additional surgery was required to remove them.

The hospital declined to comment on pending litigation but voiced its commitment to its patients. Unfortunately, many people in Pennsylvania are also coping with the consequences of hospital negligence. Many require additional health care resulting in staggering medical expenses. A successfully presented medical malpractice lawsuit can help these patients better cope with the financial ramifications of such negligence while also potentially enacting change that will protect future patients.

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