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Nursing home fined following two falling accidents

Nursing homes in Pennsylvania and across the country have a responsibility to protect the residents who live there. In addition to providing appropriate medical care -- or to send them to the hospital if the care required is beyond their capabilities -- they are also responsible for keeping them safe from falls, for example. Because they have this responsibility, one out-of-state nursing home must pay a significant fine following two falling accidents.

The first accident happened in Dec. 2015. Reports indicate that an 83-year-old woman fell from a mechanical lift, fracturing both of her legs. However, the woman was not notified of her injuries or sent to the hospital until after three shifts of nurses had cycled through. Unfortunately, she passed away just two days after the fall.

Another incident occurred in Feb. 2016. Another resident reportedly fell from a bed. The victim died the following morning. As a result, the nursing home must pay over $293,000 due to fines assessed by the public health department in Massachusetts, where the incidents occurred. It could face additional fines if the deficiencies discovered by state investigators are not addressed.

While Massachusetts is attempting to ensure that the mistakes that allegedly resulted in harm to the two residents of the nursing home are rectified, the families of the two victims are facing life without their loved ones. Unfortunately, falling accidents can have serious consequences, especially if injuries suffered as a result are not immediately addressed. Victims in Pennsylvania -- including those who lost a family member -- have options available for legal recourse.

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