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Lawsuit filed in response to alleged nursing home neglect

Being a caretaker for a person with Alzheimer's or dementia can be emotionally and physically taxing. Many families in Pennsylvania feel unequipped to provide adequate care and, as a result, seek a qualified nursing home with the understanding that trained medical staff will meet the needs of their loved ones. Unfortunately, a family in another state claims in a recently filed lawsuit that their mother suffered from nursing home neglect.

The children of the woman claim that their mother suffered a history of issues with the nursing home. During some visits, they allegedly discovered that she was not being fed. In others, they claim they learned that she had suffered a fall.

The plaintiffs further allege that nurses ignored their mother's bathroom needs. Once, they claim they discovered sitting in her own feces and smeared on her face. They believe that she attempted to clean herself up which resulted in the spread of the matter. The woman also allegedly broke her hip when nursing staff failed to assist her to the bathroom. Her children have asked that she remain anonymous during court proceedings.

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect can also happen in Pennsylvania. Often, it occurs because facilities are inadequately staffed, as this lawsuit claims. Unfortunately, this can cause serious harm -- both emotional and physical -- for residents. In many cases, the only way family members can effect change is to pursue justice in a civil court. A successfully presented lawsuit could also result in an award of damages that will allow victims and their family members to better cope with the financial consequences of such negligence.

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