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Nursing home neglect lawsuit settled before going to trial

Most employees at nursing home facilities in Pennsylvania are committed to protecting the overall well-being of their patients. Unfortunately, even their best efforts may not be enough if there is not a sufficient number of staff members working to assist patients. As a result, patients across the country suffer from nursing home neglect.

Recently, a lawsuit alleging neglect that resulted in harm to a patient in an out-of-state facility was settled out of court. According to court papers, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the victim, who was 64 at the time the neglect allegedly occurred. He was admitted to the facility named as the defendant in the lawsuit in March 2011. During his time there, his guardian claims he fell over 30 times. One of these times resulted in a fracture, but surgery to repair the injury was delayed two days.

The lawsuit alleges that the facility did not have the staff to provide the care needed to patients such as the victim who suffered from dementia and was immobile at the time of his admission. Despite staffing shortages, the facility is accused of actively recruiting high-need patients such as the victim, knowing they were unable to provide adequate care. The case has recently been settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Facilities that provide care to patients who have lost their own ability to do so have a special responsibility. Inadequate staffing or poorly trained employees can cause serious harm. In some cases, the only option that Pennsylvania victims of nursing home neglect or those who are responsible for them have is to seek justice in a civil court.

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