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Suspected nursing home neglect leads to federal lawsuit

Families turn to those companies that offer experienced and compassionate care when looking for suitable placement for elderly or disabled loved ones. When a facility then permits alleged nursing home neglect to occur, it not only violates the trust of families, but may also result in a federal lawsuit in some circumstances. Pennsylvania residents do have resources to turn to if they suspect a loved one has suffered harm while receiving care at these facilities.

One such case of suspected neglect resulted in a resident dying. The man was reportedly found in an unconscious state in his room at a facility that had a reputation for providing experienced care for individuals with disabilities as well as providing rehabilitative services. The resident was transported to a local medical facility where he died a short time later.

A state agency has now filed a federal lawsuit against the facility after repeated requests for the records regarding the man's care were not produced. The agency charged with oversight of neglect and abuse allegations of facilities in Michigan that provide care for individuals with disabilities state that there is reasonable belief that the man was not receiving proper care. Patient records are an important piece of the investigation into neglect allegations.

The facility has not issued any public comments regarding this lawsuit. The suit was only recently filed after the home's legal representative was notified that such actions would be pursued if records were not provided. Pennsylvania families that are concerned that a loved one has suffered from nursing home neglect or abuse are assured the right to seek the knowledge and guidance that can be provided by an attorney who specializes in elder law and related legal matters in order to protect residents from further harm and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

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