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Report seems to suggest SSD payments delayed for ill recipients

Social Security Disability was put into place to provide financial assistance to those who are unable to work due to either physical or mental disabilities. However, some who were approved for SSD benefits have been forced to wait while they struggle financially. There may be Pennsylvania residents who are also waiting for these benefits to arrive in time to provide relief.

One woman who is fighting terminal ovarian cancer filed for and was reportedly approved to start receiving these vital payments. However, she was told that regardless of meeting the program's requirements, she was placed on the 26-plus-week waiting list. The 49-year-old woman requires regular chemotherapy treatments that leave her too weak and ill to work. She now fears losing her family home before the promised SSD payments start.

Another woman reported that her relative was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was also approved for benefits through the Compassionate Allowance portion of the Social Security program. Unfortunately, this man died one week after receiving his first payment. He waited an estimated 36 weeks before the first check was issued. According to the government's data, more than 90 people who were approved did not receive any payments before they died.

More than 68,800 people who qualified for the program last year though the Social Security Administration could not provide the approximate wait times before any benefits were paid to the recipients. In the meantime, the people who need these SSD benefits struggle to fight both their illnesses and their monetary problems. Pennsylvania residents who are dealing with a terminal illness or have another debilitating condition, and are unsure as to whether they may qualify for benefits under the Social Security programs, may consult with an attorney who specializes in these matters for assistance in filing for and receiving these benefits in a timely manner.

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