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Updated tech options for Social Security disability applicants

As the population ages, more seniors are familiar and comfortable with modern technology since they have been using tech like email and smartphones for years. In a move to keep up with the times, the Social Security Administration is now providing online applications and two-step authentication. Individuals applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are able to do so online, or they may choose one of the many in-person offices across Pennsylvania.

The two-step authentication process provides an extra layer of security for applicants. When completing an application, individuals can choose text message or email as the second authentication method to verify the identity of the person. Some older seniors and individuals in more rural locations can be unfamiliar with the concept of multi-step verification, but the process is common for online application and bill-paying tasks.

An email or smartphone is not required to apply for benefits. SSA offices are located across the nation for individuals to meet with a representative and complete setup of their benefits. Self-help computer stations are available in the offices as well.

The SSA is doing its best to keep up with changing technology in order to provide benefits in the most efficient manner. Those applying for Social Security Disability Insurance or other benefits now no longer have to leave their house if they can access the internet at home. For a person with a disability in Pennsylvania, this at-home option could prove to be very convenient. Many individuals choose to use assistance when applying for benefits. In addition to the employees of the SSA, a lawyer can be helpful, especially when appealing an unfavorable decision by the governmental agency.

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