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Good news for veterans applying for Social Security disability

Social security benefits help people who are disabled -- including wounded veterans -- get the financial assistance they need for their daily living expenses. Many Pennsylvania residents, veterans and civilians alike, rely on their monthly Social Security disability checks to make ends meet. However, there are specific requirements that one must satisfy before qualifying to receive such benefits. After reviewing these requirements and their own specific situation, individuals with medical issues can evaluate their potential for receiving them.

For example, applicants must have a medical condition that prevents them from working for one year or longer, or have a condition that will end in death in order to qualify for disability benefits. Social Security will not pay benefits to individuals who have a short-term disability. Also, it will not pay for those who have a partial disability. However, there are other government-funded programs that partially disabled and short-term disabled individuals may qualify to receive.

Any United States citizen, who has been employed for a minimum of 10 years and earned at least $4,480 per year during that time, will be eligible for Social Security benefits at retirement. As for veterans, those who paid taxes to Social Security during their service time will also qualify. Another bonus to being a veteran is the fact that, beginning in March, former members of the Armed Forces can often qualify for Social Security disability faster, as their paperwork can be expedited in order to receive their benefits faster.

Still, anyone who applies for Social Security disability must recognize that simply applying does not mean that one will be approved. By employing professional assistance during the application process, however, veterans and civilians in Pennsylvania may have a higher likelihood of success and a better chance of receiving the maximum amount of benefits available to them. Indeed, by taking into account all aspects of the laws and regulations governing a claim for disability benefits -- in addition to an individual's unique medical and financial needs -- positive results can be often achieved, both for individuals who were previously denied benefits and for those who are completing a first-time application.

Source:, Veterans' Corner: Social security options for veterans, No author, March. 3, 2014

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