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Pennsylvania bill aims to help those on veterans' disability

Once a person becomes disabled, there are benefits that can be taken advantage of in addition to any financial settlements awarded. Those who are recipients of veterans' disability are also eligible to have their student loans discharged. This information may not be widely known among disabled veterans, so one Pennsylvania representative has created a bill that will contact qualifying veterans and inform them of their ability to discharge student loans.

The bill will ramp up efforts to identify and notify veterans who have suffered total and permanent disability of their eligibility for student loan discharge. While vets may be busy trying to receive the full amount of benefits to which they are entitled, details such as student loan discharge may be overlooked. The bill aims to help with that by notifying veterans of their rights and giving them simple instructions about how to apply.

The bill proposes a new computer matching system that pulls data from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Education to automatically match those who would be eligible to discharge their student loans based upon their disability status. Similar systems are already in place for veterans who receive Social Security disability benefits. Veterans with a service-related condition that renders them 100 percent disabled, and those with an individual employability determination from the VA, are able to apply to have their student loans discharged.

When pursuing claims of disability it can be vital for one's lifestyle and well-being that they receive the maximum allowable award. After the disability benefits are settled, it is then in the individual's best interest to seek out ways to reduce one's financial burden. For recipients of veterans' disability, the Pennsylvania representative's bill will be a great help. Another great help to people who are making claims for disability is a lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney can help identify and maximize the financial assets available to disabled persons.

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