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Nursing home abuse reported in Pennsylvania facility

Families are encouraged to look for any red flags, and caregivers are expected to report harms committed against vulnerable elderly. Nursing home abuse is a widespread concern for individuals and families across the region. A recent news story tells about some Pennsylvania nursing home staff who are facing charges for abusing residents under their care.

A caregiver in training reported the abuse to supervisors after witnessing two female staff members strangling and hitting a patient who was gasping for air as they dressed him. A third staff member, an LPN supervisor, was also charged with criminal conspiracy for not reporting the abuse she witnessed. Another incident was reported where a nursing home resident had ice dumped down into his shirt because he was making noise.

Staff members must report nursing home abuse issues when they see them. Family members can keep tabs on the issue by visiting frequently to check in with their relatives. Any type of bruise is a potential sign of abuse, and if there is no good explanation given as to why the resident is bruised, then that can be considered a major red flag for abuse. Families should speak up the first time they have questions to keep nursing homes accountable.

In Pennsylvania, individuals are legally protected from abuse and mistreatment in nursing home facilities. If nursing home residents are harmed by abusive or neglectful staff members, they -- or their families on their behalves -- have the right to seeks financial for harms caused to them. An elder law attorney can be a good resource for families seeking help with the legal process of filing a claim of nursing home abuse.

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