Pennsylvania misdiagnosis suit awards patient millions

A verdict was ruled against a doctor who was employed by a Pennsylvania medical facility. He was ordered to pay out almost $10 million for malpractice resulting from a misdiagnosis. The Pennsylvania doctor has since filed to appeal that ruling, but the court has declined hear the case again.

The lawsuit came about after a patient was reportedly misdiagnosed by the doctor back in 2008. The patient, who was being treated at the hospital, was diagnosed with a condition called Lou Gehrig's disease. However, the diagnosis was incorrect and the patient was actually suffering from spinal cord compression. He filed a lawsuit against the doctor and other medical staff members, including the University of Pennsylvania trustees.

Since, he was misdiagnosed, he stated that his real condition was left untreated, leaving him with the inability to walk. The court ruled in favor of the patient in the amount of $9,654,551. Since the verdict, the amount owed has actually risen to over $11 million due to accumulated interest.

Even the most well intentioned doctor or medical facility has made mistakes that ultimately left a patient injured, in Pennsylvania and other areas. Tragically, some patients have died as a result of their injuries due to medical errors. A misdiagnosis can leave the exact condition a patient is suffering from untreated, causing further harm. Patients who have been injured as a result of a medical facility retain the right to pursue medical malpractice litigation. As with this case, an injured patient may be awarded compensation if the medical facility is proved to be negligent.

Source:, The Daily Pennsylvanian :: Court declines to hear Penn's lawsuit appeal, Harry Cooperman, Sept. 22, 2013