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Medical malpractice claim leads to $3 million judgment

When a person in Pennsylvania seeks treatment at the hospital, they do so with the hope that whatever treatment is provided will help improve their condition. Unfortunately, doctors and nurses can make mistakes that lead to serious harm. For example, one out-of-state man and his wife claim in a medical malpractice lawsuit that a nurse's mistake ultimately left him wheelchair-bound.

The man reportedly sought treatment at the hospital to have his thyroid removed. However, they say a nurse improperly and carelessly inserted a sedative through an IV into his hand. As a result of the nurse's mistake, the drug caused permanent nerve damage.

Because of the injury, he required additional hospitalizations and treatments, including skin grafts. Unfortunately, a complication damaged a nerve in his leg, leaving him bound to a wheelchair and with medical expenses over $1 million. In addition to his suffering, his wife also must serve as his full-time caregiver. Although both the hospital and its parent company were initially named in the claim, the hospital was ultimately dropped. The couple was recently awarded $3 million dollar by a jury following a trial that lasted nine days.

While most medical professionals in Pennsylvania and across the country are well-trained professionals, a mistake such as this can cause serious, lasting harm. In order to ensure that mistakes are not repeated, many victims and their families choose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A successfully presented case can result in an award of damages and also prompt changes in procedures that will ultimately protect the well-being of future patients.

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