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The Threat High Winds Pose to Trucks

Truck on its side

Operating a truck requires a great deal of care and vigilance. So when faced with severe weather, truck drivers have a lot to watch out for on the road. While strong winds can be disorienting on foot, these high winds can pose a severe hazard for truck drivers. Here is just a brief overview of some of the dangers of operating a truck under high winds.

Bigger Vehicle, Makes For A Bigger Target

Due to the size of trucks, they can receive the brunt of high winds that other motorists may avoid. High winds can cause a truck to drift in a particular direction, and if drivers are not careful, it will cause the truck to veer off the road. Accidents can take a split second to occur which is why during windy conditions, truck drivers should be extra vigilant.

High winds have been the cause of trucks rolling over on the road and swerving uncontrollably. On top of losing control of your vehicle, high winds can also pose a threat to whatever cargo your truck may be housing. If freight or any materials in the back are not secured properly, the high winds will undoubtedly knock items loose.

What To Do In Case Of High Winds

Although high winds can be deadly, you can prepare to tackle this rough weather. Ahead of time, make sure that your cargo is secured correctly and you have inspected your truck for any signs of needed maintenance. The last thing you need is old tires that lose traction due to high winds. Since high winds can make it easier to lose control of your vehicle, attempt to keep further distances between vehicles in each lane. If you do lose control of your vehicle, you can minimize any potential damage and have more time to react. Above all else, you can drive more carefully and slowly through high winds to avoid spinning out.

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