3 women at nursing home report rapes by male residents

Pittsburgh residents who live in nursing homes are frequently vulnerable and have a hard time protecting themselves due to age or disability. For this reason, the facility's staff is supposed to do what they can to protect them from harm. This includes harm one resident causes on another. If the allegations made by three woman at one nursing home in another state are true, the home badly failed in its responsibilities.

The women say that two male residents at the nursing home where they live sexually assaulted them. The nursing home said in a statement that its staff was "made aware" of one of the claims, which led to investigations by police and the facility itself. During the course of that investigation, two other residents made similar accusations against another male resident.

The man accused in the first sexual assault no longer lives at the home, the facility said in a statement. The nursing home contends that the second and third allegations "will be found to be unsubstantiated," though it did not say why. Police are investigating the accusations of sexual touching against the second man.

If a nursing home resident sexually molests or assaults another resident, it could be that the staff knew or suspected the resident's behavior was inappropriate but did not take sufficient steps to prevent the assault. If that is the case, the nursing home could have negligently contributed to the horrific incident. The facility could be ordered to pay damages by the court to compensate the victim for any medical bills or other harm incurred.

Source: WSFA-TV, "Nursing home patients claim sexual abuse at facility," Dante Renzulli, May 12, 2013