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Surgical error leads to $1.67 million award

Few people in Pennsylvania want to undergo surgery. Because of the risks of anesthesia and the pain of recovery, surgery is often the last resort for many people. However, as people age, they often discover that they have difficulty moving around, prompting them to seek medical intervention. Unfortunately for one-of-state woman, a surgical error that occurred during her knee replacement actually worsened her condition.

The 84-year-old underwent surgery in Oct. 2009. The purpose of the surgery was a total knee replacement. However, attorneys for the woman claim that the doctor named in the lawsuit damaged her artery during the surgery. Steps to correct the damage were not taken until 18 hours after the surgery took place.

Unfortunately, the injury caused serious harm to the woman. She reportedly lost the use of one of her legs following the procedure. A jury has recently awarded her $1.67 million in damages.

Most doctors are extremely aware of the potential harm that could come as a result of a surgical error. As a result of this awareness, they diligently observe patients for signs that any sort of complication has developed. Failure to take swift action following such a mistake can result in serious harm, such as the loss of use of a limb. For those in Pennsylvania suffering from such a mistake, a successfully presented medical malpractice lawsuit could result in an award of damages that allow the victim to better cope with the financial ramifications of his or her injuries. Often, a civil suit can also spark of review of procedures, potentially resulting in changes that will help preserve the health and well-being of future patients.

Source:, "Lake County jury awards $1.67 million in medical malpractice suit", July 11, 2016

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