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Family claims man died as a result of preventable bed sores

When an older family member becomes ill, families often have no other choice than to rely on help from facilities such as nursing homes. Unfortunately, many families in Pennsylvania have experienced harm to their loved one as a result of nursing home neglect. As a result, the families of these victims often choose to seek recompense in a civil court. One out-of-state family has chosen to take such action, claiming that their 87-year-old family member died as a result of bedsores.

The man reportedly entered the hospital in 2011 because he was dehydrated and suffering from pneumonia. During his one week stay at the hospital, he reportedly developed bed sores. Family members say that the sores were treatable and manageable when he was transferred to a nursing home where he was to stay for rehabilitation until he was able to return home. Because he suffered from dementia and depended on a caregiver for all of his needs, he was at a high risk for developing bed sores.

However, the family claims that the man's sores became infected and ultimately led to sepsis, a condition in which the body attacks itself. He died approximately a month after he initially entered the hospital. The lawsuit asserts that the man's death was caused by both the hospital and nursing home, specifically alleging that the nursing home was understaffed and failed to take appropriate measures to treat and prevent sores.

Bed sores are a known complication for those residing in a nursing home. When appropriate action is taken, they can be prevented. These type of sores could be a sign of nursing home neglect. For those in Pennsylvania who feel their loved one has suffered in such a manner, there are experienced professionals who are able to help determine the next course of action in response.

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